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Benjamin Füglister’s H1N1/Prêt à Porter

Benjamin, fotógrafo suizo en residencia en Studio Kura, va a hacer una sesión en IAF Shop el sábado 28. El tema es gente con máscaras. Si vienes a que te fotografíen te darán tu foto con y sin máscara.

糸島のStudio Kuraに滞在中のスイス人写真家ベンヤミンさんが写真のモデルを探しています。28日の土曜日にIAFshopで撮影を行うそうです。マスクをつけて写真を撮ってもらおう!撮られた写真は、マスク付きのもマスクなしのも貰える。

Swiss photographer Benjamin, artist in residence at Studio Kura, will be taking pictures of people in masks at IAF shop on Saturday 28th. If you come and have your photographs taken, you’ll get your picture with and without mask.

H1N1/Prêt à Porter © 2009 Benjamin Füglister

Día / 撮影日 / Day: 2009.11.28
Hora / 時間 / Time: 14:00 – 17:30
Sitio / 場所 / Place: IAF Shop 福岡県福岡市中央区薬院3-7-19 2階
Contacto / お問い合わせ / Contact: Studio Kura

About H1N1/Prêt à Porter
When arriving in Japan coming from Europe it is striking how many people wear masks to protect themselves from catching the swine flue recently. A few hours later diving into city life one quickly realizes that there are various mask models, not to say fashionable designs, on the market. H1N1/Prêt à Porter is a documentary project portraying people wearing these «fashionable» masks. It questions the pharma industry and it associated markets by displaying the products in a very fashionnable way. The models wearing the masks will wear state of the art make-up which visually colides with the masks and therefore strikes the mental models we carry of fashion and medicine.

What is your benefit
Each participating model will receive their photograph with and without wearing a mask in return for their effort. This art project will be on display at IAF shop from December 3rd until December 6th as part of Benjamin Füglisters solo show Luminous.Radiant.

About the artist
Benjamin Füglister was born in 1978 in Zurich, Switzerland. He spend his youth in Basel, Switzerland. After extensive travelling through all the continents and receiving his BA degree from the School of Arts in Basel, Switzerland and his MA degree at the School of Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands he now resides in Berlin, Germany. His work is mainly focused on the interchange between the photographic media and modern society. For further information please visit the artist’s website.