ale’s music background

1998: armageddon
vocal for friend guitarist cachofriki’s heavy metal band.
there was a lot of practice, and a live performance before leaving the band.
other members were javi (guitar), luis (drums) and antonio (bass).

1998: calamares musicales
music mayhem with variable lineup, including
david garrote, cachofriki, bazukyta, zon7, dieguito and karawapo (ale).
fasttracker ii, guitars, music ripped from video games and
surreal lyrics.

2003: kokoromix
one game boy with carillon editor or music box, and one karawapo singing.
rock covers and original songs.

2004: electroopera
karawapo’s long to be awaited game boy instrumental project.

2004: palillero brothers
karawapo for short. you really needed to be a new band to be in
gente joven 2004 music contest.

2005: pepino