pepino will be at the Blip Festival in New York!

Starting on November 30th and through December 3rd, the biggest chiptune event in History will take place in New York. A huge 4-day festival featuring some 30 international chiptune artists to which Nullsleep has been brave enough to call us.

Blip Festival logopepino live picture

We appreciate very much the lots of work the 8bitpeoples and many others are doing to make this possible. And, while we still can’t give you details about timetables and tickets, here’s the current list of artists who have already confirmed.

Anamanaguchi, Aonami, C-Men, Cory Arcangel, Bit Shifter, Bubblyfish, Coova, Crazy Q, Mark DeNardo, Glomag, Hally, Kplecraft, Bud Melvin, noteNdo, Nullsleep, Pepino, Tristan Perich, Portalenz (USK and Maru), Quarta330, Rabato, Random, Saitone, Starpause, Jeroen Tel, TouchBoy, Virt, Neil Voss, X|K, YMCK