Lo-bit Playground v.5.0 – the aftermath

I still hadn’t told you all about what happened after LBP v.5.0.

Tokyo Game Show (a video games fair) was happening that day, and some people somehow related to LBP were playing live at TGS, namely Hally (VORC) and YMCK, plus other people who were demonstrating how hard the new 1chipMSX rocks.

I will mostly ommit the fact that, when Hally started playing the speakers blew up and he had to stop (at least he was the last one performing), and I’ll go on to what happened after that. Hally did found the time to come, see and listen to our event, and we really appreciated that because we know his schedule was very tight that weekend. And YMCK went to a private party they had organized to celebrate some birthdays that had been in September (i.e. YMCK’s singer Midori’s birthday).

Back to the end of LBP v.5.0, the Tsuji-techno faction dissolved, and we (pepino) went to that party. When we got there, they were playing YMCK songs with ‘real’ instruments, with Yokemura (YMCK) on keyboard, Nakamura (YMCK) on wood bass, Kplecraft on sax, and a foreign guy I didn’t recognize at the drums. It was quite smooth and we were very surprised. As pepino’s songs are made thinking rock, YMCK’s songs are made thinking jazz, and they showed us that night how well thought of they are. After that, there was a dj session from Coova (who had been playing with her Game Boys earlier at the Playground), a Saitone live set (quite different to the one he did earlier at LBP) and, later, a live performance by Midori which, unfortunately, we were unable to see because our physical state was awful, and we had to leave and look for a hotel to stay.