report and podcast from Lo-bit Playground v.5.0

Last Saturday, we arrived at the club at around 4 pm and, after introducing ourselves to the Tokyo crew, plugging our machinery and testing sound, tsuji-techno members went out to drink, to celebrate the different ways of thinking the two factions have about music, and how this would probably make the event much more complete and balanced than any regular show we can have in Tokyo or Fukuoka. Back to the the report, our cheaper drinkers fell on the (empty) dancefloor until the event started, when it was one of them (kuraku) who had to play.

kuraku of course marked Tokyo as his territory, chipping with energy and violence, shouting with echo and reverb, and climbing up the desks with either his feet or his hands.

xinon, from 8bitpeoples, pleased us with his crazy game boy dj skillz.

quarta330 oiled the audience’s ears for us, with his chippy dub.

We pepino did 5 songs, 4 of them original (only one cover), in the most rocking and rolling live we’ve ever done. We did far less mistakes as usually, thanks to the great mood to which our friends from Spain and Tokyo added much love. We had a terrific time, seriously.

coova showed us what nanoloop is worth in her hands.

portalenz (maru and USK), treated us with their best show up to date, with USK himself almost recovered from his usual pre-show intoxication. All tracks were memorable, and the floor was literally on fire. maru used his popular circuit-bent toys, and USK played synth with a pc keyboard connected to a Game Boy. I guess many of the moments we felt best that night were during portalenz’s show.

saitone, a chiptune veteran who even has composed trackss for Konami’s Pop’n Music 13, gave us a lesson about Tokyo’s chiptunes, ending with a quite danceable tune.

We were greeting people and swapping demo-cds for a while before packing our stuff and going to the following event. Where did we go? I’ll tell you next time. For now, here is the podcast for all shows tsuji-techno members did that night. OK, I forgot to record our first track, but kuraku and portalenz are quite complete.

Subscribe to the tsuji-techno podcast with iTunesLast but not least, I want to say a big THANK YOU to the Lo-bit Playground crew, for bringing us the chance to play with them in a new place for us.

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