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Calpis contra Strongurt カルピス対ストロングルト


El fin de semana pasado vino Flapy a verme y nos tomamos unos Calpis. Pero David no se conformó con el Calpis Water normal y quiso probar el Strongurt, una nueva bebida de yogur que ha sacado Calpis dirigida mayormente a hombres entre 20 y 39 años que quieran ponerse fuertes, con muchas proteínas, calcio y jalea real. Al final sacamos nuestras conclusiones comparando las bebidas incluso con la Fanta Moo Moo White.


Last weekend Flapy came to Fukuoka to see me, and we drank some Calpis. But David had had enough of regular Calpis Water normal and tried the Strongurt, a new Calpis yoghourt soft drink targeted mainly at men in their twenties or thirties who want to build a healthy body. It has proteins, calcium and royal jelly. At the end of the video we draw our conclusions, and I compare the Strongurt to a non-carbonated Fanta Moo Moo White.